Will BWFC get relegated 2011/12?

This season is probably one of the worst seasons I ever remember BWFC going through, even when Gary Megson was incharge. How come? Well it all comes back to the article I had written near to the beginning of the season: Unfortunately, BWFC have done little to improve on their situation and that is rather worrying now we are 19th place mid season. Looking through the rest of the games until the end of the season, I am going to try and predict the [points].

Here it goes:

[1] Wolves (H)
[0] Everton (A)
[0] Man Utd (A)
[0] Liverpool (H)
[0] Arsenal (H)
[1] Norwich (A)
[3] Wigan (H)
[0] Chelsea (A)
[0] Man City (A)
[1] QPR (H)
[1] Villa (A)
[3] Blackburn (H)
[1] Wolves (A)
[3] Fulham (H)
[0] Newcastle (A)
[0] Spurs (H)
[1] Swansea (H)
[0] Sunderland (A)
[1] West Brom (H)
[0] Stoke (A)

Total 16 points I think we are likely to pick up from now to the end of the season. Add that to the 12 points we currently have and that would make it 28 points for Bolton which hasn’t been enough to survive relegation for the passed 3 seasons. Don’t take my word for it though; things could change; and the bottom of the table is still quite tight. I guess my predictions are that of current form. Hopefully O.Coyle (or another manager) could improve that form. Maybe key players like Stuart Holden and Chung Yong Lee would be able to help the fight at the end of the season. We shall see.

By Raj Chevli

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