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Blog is back! (part 2)

I’m back!

So, it has been over a year since I have written a blog post and you might be wondering why I stopped. Simple reason being, my old hosting company was crap. To be fair, I couldn’t expect much else from a free hosted service as it didn’t offer the features I require and didn’t run when I wanted it to run. It probably only worked 40% of the time, so, I could not really do much about it. It was clearly a shared host service which means that my website is hosted on the same physical server as with many other websites.

The only way one can overcome this is to get your own server and that is exactly what I have done. Behold my new server! The server is actually VPS (virtual private server) and is designed to run multiple websites depending on the load. It is actually a lot more complicated to set up than using a web-host company however my background makes it rather straightforward for me to set up. Technically, VPS isn’t an actual physical server because the physical server will hold many VPS so my website is actually part of many other websites on the same physical server. The difference is that I have my own IP address, my own allocated resources and my own technical expertise to optimize my website how I would like.

If you remember my previous website, I had a intrepidity template which looked rather slick but this time I don’t want to use a template design as I plan to design my own further down the line. I created a new install of wordpress as I found that I was about over 10 minor versions behind (wordpress 2.6.1 or something) which is a big security issue so I just exported the blog content from my old one to my new one. This was rather simple with the import/export plugin wordpress provide.

I plan to pay more attention to SEO this time around as I believe this is now an important part of life! Western life especially. I shall explain why in a new blog post (so stay tuned!).

Anyway, that’s all for now! More to follow in the upcoming weeks!


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