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Chilli Curry – Have you got the balls?!

Hey folks,

As soon as I opened my front door coming back from uni today I was greeted with the sudden aroma of chilli curry. Not to be racist but I know you white folk consider “chilli” being some sort of saucy mince meat curry to put on top of your pasta, well that’s what the dinner ladies in my secondary school used to call it but this is the real deal chilli curry. i.e. A curry with actual chilli’s inside as the main focus of the curry.

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Adhik Month – That extra month

Hey guys,

Just a few days ago on 15th April 2010, in the Hindu Calendar, Vikram Samvat Year 2066, the holy month called Adhik commenced. But why is it holy? Well, this month isn’t usually part of the standard Hindu Calendar, however this year it has been added due to the different transitions of the Sun relative to the earth. I don’t know the exact in’s and out’s of it but all I know is that based on the lunar calendar principles, sort of similar to how the western calendar has 29th February every 4 years. Nevertheless this month is very auspicious and my mother is a great believer that this month is a very important month therefore she has decided that this month she is going to fast.