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You can’t teach an old TV new tricks

We now live in a world where it is normal to have a “Smart TV”. This is essentially a TV with a built inĀ computer connected to the Internet. These have been with us for approximately 5 to 7 years. However, how smart areĀ our TVs?


HD, 3D, Plasma, Blu-ray, LCD, LED, TV … What?

Hello my fellow citizens of earth,

I thought I’d talk to you about all this technical jargon we are faced with when buying a TV. I personally take active interest in the development of TV technologies but I know the average person doesn’t as long as they get to see Peggy Mitchell and Pat Evans knock each other out during the week nights! However, at some point during the next few years you will be faced with a choice of what TV you should pay your hard earned cash for; and when this time comes, you can be left feeling pretty baffled by the representative in comet.