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New Season, New Set of Blog Posts


It has been a while since I have posted a blog post, nevertheless I thought I’d start again with the new start of the new Premier League season. So, plenty of transfers have taken place but nothing so major compared to the likes C.Ronaldo moving to Real Madrid.

According to “” (as seen on 13/08/2010), Manchester United are already going through a relegation battle and Manchester City are at top spot. You can tell which team the person who created this table supports. But obviously, this means nothing!

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One goal does make the difference!


So, our beloved England are out of the World Cup already with the worst World Cup defeat ever! You are probably thinking that the title of the Blog Post is wholly referring to the disallowed Lampard goal but it isn’t. At the start of the World Cup Finals, the World Cup is up for grabs by any team who has managed to qualify for the World Cup. This makes it a equal title race to the finals but what happened to England who are said to be one of the best teams in the world?

England went into the World Cup and were drawn up with 3 other teams in their group. 1) USA, 2) Algeria, 3) Slovenia. Each of these teams were some distance below England in the Fifa Rankings so England had gone into the World Cup with the confidence that they will Top their group also the fact that they had good results in their qualifiers added to their confidence. With all this confidence and a world class manager coaching England it just seemed like the perfect combination but it wasn’t to be!

There were many factors that caused this to happen but I will just discuss the main turning points.


My Predictions – Last day of the season

Hey guys,

Since tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of the season I thought I might have a crack at how the premier league would finish. I am not a pundit in football or a psychic or anything special but without taking much into consideration apart from my own opinion I’m going to try and predict the scores for every match in tomorrows premier league. If you want to use these results to make bets at the bookies by all means good luck, but if you come complaining to me about your losses, I will just laugh at you.