BlackGold Technology BGT3630 Review

With a powerful machine set up but without any time to play games on it, I’d rather be entertained whilst doing work and that could involve music, videos online, or Television. Not a lot of people have a TV in the same room as their Desktop PC and if you are like me, you’d choose a Desktop PC to have in your bedroom over a TV any day of the week. The good thing about a PC is that you can do practically anything with it. I have decided to magically put TV into it with a PCI-E BGT3630 card by BlackGold Technology.

BlackGold Technology BGT3630
BlackGold Technology BGT3630*

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HD, 3D, Plasma, Blu-ray, LCD, LED, TV … What?

Hello my fellow citizens of earth,

I thought I’d talk to you about all this technical jargon we are faced with when buying a TV. I personally take active interest in the development of TV technologies but I know the average person doesn’t as long as they get to see Peggy Mitchell and Pat Evans knock each other out during the week nights! However, at some point during the next few years you will be faced with a choice of what TV you should pay your hard earned cash for; and when this time comes, you can be left feeling pretty baffled by the representative in comet.

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Hey guys,

Just to re-iterate the pronunciation of the title, put extra emphasis wherever there is a ‘P’ in ‘iPointlessPad’. Now wipe your screen if you have accidentally spat on your screen.

Please note, this post is pretty technical at some points and I might have over shadowed a few technical terms assuming you know what they mean.

So within the next few weeks the UK will be greeted by a flurry of iPads and no doubt we are going to see them everywhere. The people who are likely to buy it are those Apple enthusiasts and people with disposable income. To be fair, after seeing video demonstrations of what it can do, it looks absolutely slick! The user interface is well thought out and beautiful and the iPad itself would fill in that niche in the market. I’m loving the fact that it will have an excellent battery life! Continue reading “iPointlessPad”