Know somebody who has lost their important data or work? Dropbox is the answer!

As I have come from a technical background I am faced with many of my friends and family coming to me with their technical issues and the issue that tends to upset the most is when they lose sentimental data such as Pictures and Videos. It is also upsetting when people lose that vital bit of coursework due tomorrow morning or that presentation to present in a few hours. Some folks also keep all their important work on that USB Flash Drive which is probably the most riskiest of places to keep your work. So what does one do to overcome this. Dropbox!

Dropbox back up no worries
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1000 tweets later…

Hey folks,

It has come to that time where I have tweeted over 1000 tweets which makes me feel like an official tweeter.

I started using twitter after a few friends of mine (tim & addy) convinced me that this was the most revolutionary social networking tool. Having created an account I didn’t find anything special about it as initially I was only tweeting twice a week with nothing particularly interesting. It was just a simple website that even I could make for users to tell their followers what they are doing.

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BB PP: Blackberrys Peer-Pressure

Hey guys,

I have to say that this is one topic I have been wanting to get off my chest for ages!

Currently we are going through the Mobile Phone era and have been for the past 10 years or so. Everyone I personally know above the age of 10 has a mobile phone of some sort and it has become one hell of a phenomenon and has now become a fashion statement to have a mobile that can do certain things. Looking over the past few years you can see why people have been getting certain phones that can do certain things: