My Predictions – Last day of the season

Hey guys,

Since tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of the season I thought I might have a crack at how the premier league would finish. I am not a pundit in football or a psychic or anything special but without taking much into consideration apart from my own opinion I’m going to try and predict the scores for every match in tomorrows premier league. If you want to use these results to make bets at the bookies by all means good luck, but if you come complaining to me about your losses, I will just laugh at you.

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1000 tweets later…

Hey folks,

It has come to that time where I have tweeted over 1000 tweets which makes me feel like an official tweeter.

I started using twitter after a few friends of mine (tim & addy) convinced me that this was the most revolutionary social networking tool. Having created an account I didn’t find anything special about it as initially I was only tweeting twice a week with nothing particularly interesting. It was just a simple website that even I could make for users to tell their followers what they are doing.

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Hey guys,

Just to re-iterate the pronunciation of the title, put extra emphasis wherever there is a ‘P’ in ‘iPointlessPad’. Now wipe your screen if you have accidentally spat on your screen.

Please note, this post is pretty technical at some points and I might have over shadowed a few technical terms assuming you know what they mean.

So within the next few weeks the UK will be greeted by a flurry of iPads and no doubt we are going to see them everywhere. The people who are likely to buy it are those Apple enthusiasts and people with disposable income. To be fair, after seeing video demonstrations of what it can do, it looks absolutely slick! The user interface is well thought out and beautiful and the iPad itself would fill in that niche in the market. I’m loving the fact that it will have an excellent battery life! Continue reading “iPointlessPad”

Chilli Curry – Have you got the balls?!

Hey folks,

As soon as I opened my front door coming back from uni today I was greeted with the sudden aroma of chilli curry. Not to be racist but I know you white folk consider “chilli” being some sort of saucy mince meat curry to put on top of your pasta, well that’s what the dinner ladies in my secondary school used to call it but this is the real deal chilli curry. i.e. A curry with actual chilli’s inside as the main focus of the curry.

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BB PP: Blackberrys Peer-Pressure

Hey guys,

I have to say that this is one topic I have been wanting to get off my chest for ages!

Currently we are going through the Mobile Phone era and have been for the past 10 years or so. Everyone I personally know above the age of 10 has a mobile phone of some sort and it has become one hell of a phenomenon and has now become a fashion statement to have a mobile that can do certain things. Looking over the past few years you can see why people have been getting certain phones that can do certain things: Continue reading “BB PP: Blackberrys Peer-Pressure”