Hinduism, the Open Source Faith

Android Open Source Yoga Hindu

As a Computer Scientist and being brought up as a Hindu I believe I can put the two unrelated subjects together to explain the beauty of Hinduism. This article is not intended to preach however it is more of an analogy.

Android Open Source Yoga Hindu
Open Source Google Android™ analogy of being Hindu

I am a programmer and whilst being in this field of work in this day and age, I deal with many open source softwares such as Magento, Android™, WordPress, Linux and OpenOffice to say the few. The meaning of open source softwares is that it allows ‘users to study, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software’. Open source software is proving to be the largest source of technical innovation providing opportunity to the least established of developers make something great or be part of something big.

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Will BWFC get relegated 2011/12?

This season is probably one of the worst seasons I ever remember BWFC going through, even when Gary Megson was incharge. How come? Well it all comes back to the article I had written near to the beginning of the season: http://raj.chevli.co.uk/2011/09/bolton-wanderers-misfortune/. Unfortunately, BWFC have done little to improve on their situation and that is rather worrying now we are 19th place mid season. Looking through the rest of the games until the end of the season, I am going to try and predict the [points]. Continue reading “Will BWFC get relegated 2011/12?”

T-Mobile UK unlimited data contract for only £6/month

Last month was the last month of my contract (bit of a weird sentence). Because of this I had to start doing some research on what new phones I could purchase and on the top of my list was the Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately, T-Mobile UK weren’t selling this so I wasn’t able to upgrade to that phone so I was planning to cancel. Before I cancel I wanted to try my luck in terms of seeing what other offers they had. Here’s my story. Continue reading “T-Mobile UK unlimited data contract for only £6/month”

Know somebody who has lost their important data or work? Dropbox is the answer!

Dropbox referral

As I have come from a technical background I am faced with many of my friends and family coming to me with their technical issues and the issue that tends to upset the most is when they lose sentimental data such as Pictures and Videos. It is also upsetting when people lose that vital bit of coursework due tomorrow morning or that presentation to present in a few hours. Some folks also keep all their important work on that USB Flash Drive which is probably the most riskiest of places to keep your work. So what does one do to overcome this. Dropbox!

Dropbox back up no worries
Illustration by dropbox.com

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Usually ask me for tech advice? But you got yourself an iPhone 4s? Big mistake!

As you already may know, the Apple iPhone 4s was released just over a week ago and many people have purchased it for different reasons. The usual suspects include:

  • die hard apple fans,
  • rich folk who don’t know what to spend their money on,
  • people who have never heard of android,
  • and previous blackberry owners who have also never heard of android.

However, if you have purchased an iPhone 4s, then you may be forgiven if you have got it on the basis of the late Steve Jobs as this was his last invention which he had a direct influence upon (i.e. for sentimental reasons). He truly has shaped today’s technology. I don’t believe that’s this is the reason most people would have purchased one. It is most likely because of Siri which I have to admit is quite impressive but you can’t make the most out of it if you live anywhere outside the US. Continue reading “Usually ask me for tech advice? But you got yourself an iPhone 4s? Big mistake!”