BWFC Relegated! 2011/2012

It’s an end of an era for BWFC as Bolton Wanderers have failed survive in this seasons Premier League. As a BWFC fan, I am truly gutted! All it would have taken is a win from either one of the last two games which BWFC had an advantage on to actually ensure survival but since BWFC failed to capitalise on such an advantage it is fair to say that BWFC deserve to take the drop into Championship.

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Crunch time for BWFC! 2011/2012 Season

If you had read my previous article I had predicted that BWFC are highly likely to get relegated as BWFC were in the drop zone and BWFC’s form was not all that great. I also made a game by game guess as to how many points BWFC would pick up – but as you probably see, I were wrong on many of my predictions. Instead of finishing the season off with 28 points BWFC are currently on 34 points with 3 crucial games left to play. I underestimated them! Unfortunately, BWFC have only improved 1 place since my prediction so it hasn’t really made much of a difference! So what’s going to happen now?

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BlackGold Technology BGT3630 Review

With a powerful machine set up but without any time to play games on it, I’d rather be entertained whilst doing work and that could involve music, videos online, or Television. Not a lot of people have a TV in the same room as their Desktop PC and if you are like me, you’d choose a Desktop PC to have in your bedroom over a TV any day of the week. The good thing about a PC is that you can do practically anything with it. I have decided to magically put TV into it with a PCI-E BGT3630 card by BlackGold Technology.

BlackGold Technology BGT3630
BlackGold Technology BGT3630*

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Peak Overcrowded Trains from Bolton to Manchester

With the world getting more and more populated, and the government encouraging people to choose public transport over driving cars brings us to one conclusion – overcrowded public transport services! Currently, I live in Bolton and I work in Manchester City Centre. The most effective way of travelling is the catch the train from Bolton Rail Station to Manchester Piccadilly/Victoria. As I start work at the typical time of 9am, it’s obvious that I will be travelling to work at the peak times which means it is going to be a mission to get to work everyday.

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AirDroid – The desktop UI for your Android

AirDroid User Interface

I tell you what guys, this is probably one of the niftiest tools for Android I have seen since the birth of the T-Mobile G1 (the first official Android phone)! It’s like an operating system which operates the core functionality of your Android phone from a Browser.

AirDroid User Interface
AirDroid OS style, easy to use User Interface

You can:

  • Read/Send/Manage Text Messages
  • Add/Install/Manage/Export Apps
  • Manage Files
  • Manage Photos
  • Manage/Play Music
  • Manage/Set your Ringtones
  • Manage your Contacts
  • Manage your Call Logs
  • and Manage your Clipboard

All that in a lovely looking OS style, extremely easy to use interface!

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