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UK Indian Channel Star Plus Illegal Advertising?

This post is going to be another one of my “rants” but it’s probably one that annoys me quite a lot. When watching a usual half hour long television programme on a channel which is privately owned, the adverts usually follow this structure:

  • programme starts (00 mins)
  • commercial break (12 mins)
  • programme continues (15 mins)
  • programme ends (27 mins)
  • commercial break
  • next programme starts (00 mins)
(XX mins) are the number of minutes into the programme.

Unfortunately, the Indian soap channel, Star Plus, has another advert structure which is quite annoying and this is as follows:

  • programme starts (00 mins)
  • commercial break (05 mins)
  • programme continues (10 mins)
  • commercial break (14 mins)
  • programme continues (19 mins)
  • programme ends (30 mins)
  • next programme starts (00 mins)
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Apple iOS Passbook vs Near Field Communication (NFC)

If you know me, you probably know that I am not really much of an Apple fan & I usually write posts complaining about what Apple are doing and what people buying Apple products are thinking. However, although it’s quite rare, I do sometimes like the odd few features they release in the next iOS update or iPhone announcement. This time around, with iOS6, I am pretty fond about the new Passbook feature. I am not too fond that the iPhone 5 does not come with NFC though. Nevertheless, both Passbook and NFC serve a similar purpose – to identify or grant access to something. So what do I mean about this?

iOS6 Passbook on iPhone 5

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Online Privacy – Self Contributed Data

This is the second part of the Online Privacy series. I suggest you read the introduction before reading this but that’s up to you.

Self-contributed data can be the holy grail to a Private Investigator if you are something like a “tweetaholic” (compulsive twitter user) or a facebook addict. Although facebook has privacy settings, if this isn’t set correctly then it’s as good as publicly broadcasting your life. I know that adjusting your privacy settings can be a painful and confusing experience.

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Online Privacy – Introduction

What does it take for a stalker, employer, private investigator, government or even a fraudster to get to know about you nowadays? Well, not much! 10 years ago, it would have been very difficult for anyone to get any information about you but today, with the aid of the internet, this is very easy – especially for the youth of the western civilisation. In the next few articles I look to cover the following:

  • Self-contributed data.
  • Information about you put on by others.
  • Hackable data.

Each of which, I look to help you take the right steps to prevent breach of what you think should be private.

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Google Plus is everywhere – you just don’t know it!

“Google Plus?” “Google +?” “What’s all that about? It’s just another facebook wannabe website. No one even uses it.” It’s funny how I hear all these things being said by people in UK. In all honesty, using Google Plus over here in the UK isn’t as active as using facebook. The funny thing about Google Plus is that you don’t have to be using it, to be using it. So what do I mean about that?