About Me

Hey Folks

My name is Raj Chevli and I am a Developer who develops Websites and Phone applications. I studied Computer Science at the University of Manchester. I am also part of many other organisations such as NHSF and NWAA. As a person, I like to think I am ethical and a model citizen. Anger is not in my nature and I care about others around me. I like to think big and I like to think deep. Material things don’t really mean much to me however I do love my technology. I actually see life as  a challenge and not something we can take for granted or something we should waste.

So why do I even need a blog? This blog actually a test of many skills I have acquired and I would like to acquire: HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO, blah blah. This is more of a spare time project rather than one I go out of my way for so you might see a few post droughts from time to time and not the best looking of websites until I actually find time to design and implement it. Anyway, below is has more specific information of things I am currently a part of.

NHSF – National Hindu Students Forum (UK) This is a student/ex-student driven organisation whereby it has many chapters located at various universities over the UK. In my 1st Year of University, I joined NHSF Manchester as a member; 2nd Year of University I joined the NHSF Manchester committee as the web-master & technical; 3rd Year of University I have joined NHSF National Committee as the Web & Design team and I am now the Web & Marketing Coordinator. What NHSF is all about.

NWAA – North West Asian Arts At the age of 10, my father had set up an organisation which teaches ‘South Asian’ Musical and Dance art forms such as Tabla and Bharatanatyam. Over the past decade, NWAA has grown from strength to strength and I have been part of this change and I take on many challenges NWAA has to offer.


Any views expressed are solely mine & not of any organisations. These views should not be taken to heart however I don’t mind if you wish to challenge my views (blog posts) by commenting on the post and I shall reply to the best of my knowledge at the time. If I am proven wrong (which I don’t mind), then I shall hold my hands up and stand corrected.