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It has been a while since I started using twitter, over 5 years (February 2009) according to twitter – around about the time I purchased my first Smartphone (HTC Dream). Back in the day it wasn’t so popular so I didn’t really think much about who I should and shouldn’t follow. I barely tweeted back then either however I used read twitter during my commutes to and from University. The more popular it became, the more people started to follow me and consequentially I would follow back if I knew them or were particularly interesting. It got to a point where I had so many tweets on my timeline that I needed to do something about it. Unfortunately this meant I couldn’t be on “#TeamFollowBack” anymore. So I started to be rather selective as to who to follow consequentially out of experience of twitter, became rules.

@chevli Twitter Following

Check out my rules & guidelines as to who I follow:

First Disclaimer: It’s nothing personal!

  1. I should know you or you should have a lot in common.
  2. Quality not quantity. This is because I make special effort to read all the tweets on my timeline. I use Falcon Pro on my Android phone and I use Twitterrific on my work Laptop both of which work with Tweetmarker (a bookmark for your twitter timeline).
  3. An inspirational or funny celeb.
  4. An organisation of close interest.
  5. No more than 10% of your tweets must not be automatic third party tweets. (e.g. foursquare, last fm, facebook)
  6. Controlled Retweeting.
  7. Not too many rants.
  8. Your account isn’t lying dormant.

If I don’t follow you, it’s not because I don’t like you, it’s probably one of the above or I haven’t looked at your timeline yet. Nonetheless, I will probably have you added to a twitter list (not a lot of people make good use of this feature) of which I will check casually.


Unfortunately, even with those rules, I can’t get the perfect list of followers as a lot of interesting people on my timeline are Manchester United Fans. I have nothing against them but over the course of a MUFC match, especially during David Moyes reign, they all¬†tweeted live commentary of their depression.

“I’m going to unfollow you now!”

Seriously? #SortItOut lol.

Obviously, feel free to follow me – if I’m interesting enough.


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