Are Bolton Wanderers trying to sell their Soul?

Looking back over the past few years, Bolton Wanderers have had some very hard times. From surviving the drop to the Championship in 2010/11 EPL season, followed by getting relegated on the last day of the 2011/12 season, followed by a fail attempt to reach the play off’s in the 2012/13 season after which another relegation scare in the 2013/14 season. Over the course of these 4 years, we have had numerous managers but none have had as much luck and success as we used to under Sam Allardyce.

Unfortunately, these poor run of years can take a financial effect on the club and Bolton Wanderers find themselves in £164m debt at the end of 2013. Although the chairman, Phil Gartside, has said he is not worried about the debt, there have been numerous moments in 2014 where I have to question his intentions.

BWFC deal with QuickQuid

First has to be the moment BWFC decide and put pen to paper on a sponsorship deal with QuickQuid. QuickQuid is a so called “pay-day” loan company with astronomical interest rates. Should BWFC fans have been exposed to this company then it is likely that some fans would be encouraged to take out a loan consequentially put themselves in debt should they not be able to afford the repayments. With other clubs making similar deals with “pay-day” loan companies it has proved to come along with controversies surrounded by it, surely the decision for this deal was questionable before the deal was made. Luckily the voices of the fans and some influential people put an immediate end to this deal. It goes to show that the club are ethical and care about the community. With BWFC currently being sponsored by Bolton-based energy company FibrLec, it supports that.

BWFC deal with Macron

BWFC Macron Stadium

The next baffling decision BWFC have recently made is to have Macron their official technical sponsor which also involves rebranding Reebok Stadium to Macron Stadium. The brand Reebok was founded in Bolton which means it is a community based sponsor which most Boltonians are proud of. Phil Gartside also made a pledge in 2003 for it to always be Reebok but now that pledge has been broken. So how can the fans believe anything the Chairman says – it really makes us feel uneasy about the club and its direction.

So, with the initial signing of the QuickQuid deal as well as BWFC’s chairmen, Phil Gartside’s, breaking of the Reebok pledge, it brings me back to the title: Are Bolton Wanderers trying to sell their soul?

By Raj Chevli

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3 replies on “Are Bolton Wanderers trying to sell their Soul?”

Money talks and we cant afford to be looking a gift horse in the mouth. Reebok have nothing to do with football kits and were no longer willing to be shirt sponsors, they have been withdrawing money for a while and when they were heavily involved it was hardly a ‘lucrative partnership’.

Clearly they no longer wanted to be involved with the club so should we continue to call it the Reebok and provide free advertising for a company now owned by Adidas and with their main interests being in the USA with no benefit to our own cash strapped club?

Its not selling your soul, its moving on. Macron have made clear their intentions, they have said they will provide a unique kit for the fans and not just the same as Sunderland, Hull, Stoke, et al and clearly they are serious about their involvement with the club to take on the stadium naming rights, hell they have even got us free entry to a friendly game with a season ticket!!

A new dawn, a new day….i know Reebok was founded in Bolton, but their kits got progressively worse, they were more heavily involved with other clubs financially and if they wanted to keep our sponsorship, kit, naming rights, why didnt they fight for us. I have never been a fan of Macron but i will wait to see what the kit is like before making a judgement but i would put money on any offering being a better design that any of Reebok’s efforts

Hi Raj, dont live in the past, Reebok might be born in Bolton but now (since 2005) is Adidas, Deutschland! and I dont think they manufacture anything in England anyway…

Yup, I am aware that the company is now ran by Adidas however the brand name Reebok still exists due to its popularity created over a century ago within Bolton. I don’t think there is that much gets manufactured in UK anymore. Nevertheless, it was more of a comment on the integrity of the words of the Bolton Wanderers chairman as oppose to Reebok being the pride of Bolton.

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