Crunch time for BWFC! 2011/2012 Season

If you had read my previous article I had predicted that BWFC are highly likely to get relegated as BWFC were in the drop zone and BWFC’s form was not all that great. I also made a game by game guess as to how many points BWFC would pick up – but as you probably see, I were wrong on many of my predictions. Instead of finishing the season off with 28 points BWFC are currently on 34 points with 3 crucial games left to play. I underestimated them! Unfortunately, BWFC have only improved 1 place since my prediction so it hasn’t really made much of a difference! So what’s going to happen now?

Well lets look at BWFC’s current form and compare them to my previous predictions:

{1}[1] Wolves (H)
{3}[0] Everton (A) +3
{0}[0] Man Utd (A)
{3}[0] Liverpool (H) +3
{1}[0] Arsenal (H) +1
{0}[1] Norwich (A) -1
{0}[3] Wigan (H) -3
{0}[0] Chelsea (A)
{0}[0] Man City (A)
{3}[1] QPR (H) +3
{3}[1] Villa (A) +3
{3}[3] Blackburn (H)
{3}[1] Wolves (A) +3
{0}[3] Fulham (H) -3
{0}[0] Newcastle (A)
{?}[0] Spurs (H)
{1}[1] Swansea (H)
{1}[0] Sunderland (A) +1
{?}[1] West Brom (H)
{?}[0] Stoke (A)

As you can see, BWFC are currently 10 points better off than I thought they would be by the end of the season. BWFC have to play Spurs tomorrow followed by West Brom & Stoke. I hope BWFC could at least get a point against Tottenham as well as capitalise on West Bromwich’s unsteady managerial circumstances. A win/draw against stoke would do the world of good for BWFC as that should see them safe.

As much as BWFC’s safety is in their hands, a loss/draw in all of the remaining games could become a catastrophe for BWFC. If BWFC doesn’t get relegated then I think Blackburn & QPR will have to take the drop with Wolves unfortunately. Blackburn vs Wigan is a massive fixture and I think Blackburn have greater motivation to strive for the win although Wigan’s current form is not to be underestimated. QPR have to play their final game against Manchester City who also have no choice but to win their next games to win the title. There’s plenty at stake but hey, that’s what makes the premier league so exciting!

By Raj Chevli

Just like to share my thoughts, views and opinions about Technology, Philosophy and Sports

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