AirDroid – The desktop UI for your Android

I tell you what guys, this is probably one of the niftiest tools for Android I have seen since the birth of the T-Mobile G1 (the first official Android phone)! It’s like an operating system which operates the core functionality of your Android phone from a Browser.

AirDroid User Interface
AirDroid OS style, easy to use User Interface

You can:

  • Read/Send/Manage Text Messages
  • Add/Install/Manage/Export Apps
  • Manage Files
  • Manage Photos
  • Manage/Play Music
  • Manage/Set your Ringtones
  • Manage your Contacts
  • Manage your Call Logs
  • and Manage your Clipboard

All that in a lovely looking OS style, extremely easy to use interface!

The app is simple. All you do is download from the market, and as long as you are in your own secure WiFi network, turn on the app and it will tell you what address to visit.

AirDroid from the Mobile
AirDroid on the Android Phone

It should work on all popular Android Handsets without the need of root access. If all goes well, say hi to a new powerful dimension to your phone and you can stop getting frustrated with small screens when managing various bits of content on your phone as this just feels like navigating around a Windows machine.

Navigating around AirDroid UI
Navigating around the AirDroid UI

Not convinced? I don’t get why you wouldn’t be! Check it out here: and by all means give it a whirl! For something that is in its early stages of development, this is near enough a finished product. Here is a video:

By Raj Chevli

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2 replies on “AirDroid – The desktop UI for your Android”

Nice post…!! I really tried out this application on my samsung galaxy SII. But, you see it has some limitation of WifI Range. Apart from that, we cant call using our contacts from PC. Do you know about Steal Apps?? Check out their website (waiting to read your review about this website)

You are right, a requirement is that the PC is on the same WiFi network as the phone. In terms of calling a contact from the PC, I personally don’t see it as a major feature required by AirDroid but I guess it would be nice to initiate a call from the PC after which you continue the call on the phone.
With regards to stealapps, I don’t really download many Paid apps and if I do download the Paid app, I rather buy the individual app which will give me unlimited updates – assuming that you don’t get app updates of the app once you stop the subscription to stealapps. I can see it being beneficial to those who do download many apps though.

Thank you 🙂

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