Know somebody who has lost their important data or work? Dropbox is the answer!

As I have come from a technical background I am faced with many of my friends and family coming to me with their technical issues and the issue that tends to upset the most is when they lose sentimental data such as Pictures and Videos. It is also upsetting when people lose that vital bit of coursework due tomorrow morning or that presentation to present in a few hours. Some folks also keep all their important work on that USB Flash Drive which is probably the most riskiest of places to keep your work. So what does one do to overcome this. Dropbox!

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I have been using Dropbox for many years now and I see it as a life saver as well as what I describe as an “online pen drive” which I can securely access from anywhere with an Internet connection. It is essentially a folder for you to put your files in and get it out. That’s it! You can also share a folder and collaborate with your friends or collegues. Fabulous!

As I find it disheartening when my friends or family lose their data by no fault of their own, I would like to gift you a Dropbox for you to use and hopefully it will come as useful to you as to me. Just click here: to get your own dropbox :-).

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With my referral you will get an extra 250mb on top of your 2GB default space and if you are a student, you can double up your referrals by registering your address on after you have signed up. You could get up to a maximum of 16gb of free space! You can earn more spacing by doing some of the easy things they have listed too! Good enough for your pictures and videos.

It also comes with an App for your phone!

Have a go, see what it is like, let me know what you think – it could actually save you from a bad situation!

By Raj Chevli

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