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Since tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of the season I thought I might have a crack at how the premier league would finish. I am not a pundit in football or a psychic or anything special but without taking much into consideration apart from my own opinion I’m going to try and predict the scores for every match in tomorrows premier league. If you want to use these results to make bets at the bookies by all means good luck, but if you come complaining to me about your losses, I will just laugh at you.

I don’t think this season has as much excitement as the 2007/2008 season as that had potentially 6 teams who could be relegating on the last day. This season is still full of excitement as the champions have yet to be decided! At least I hope it is more exciting than the General Elections in UK.

I will go through the results in home matches alphabetical order. You may agree or disagree – I don’t care!

Arsenal 2 – 1 Fulham – Since arsenal are only 2 points above their local rivals, Tottenham, I think they would put extra bit of effort to secure 3rd place regardless of the number of injuries they have. Fulham have done exceptionally well in the Europa Cup and I wish them all the best in the Finals and because of that, I doubt they would put up a good fight in this match as they have nothing to lose in this league but they have the title to lose in the Europa Cup.

Aston Villa 3 – 2 Blackburn – Both teams do not have much to lose. Villa have their Europa League spot and Blackburn are Mid table. Home advantage will play the part.

Bolton Wanderers 1 – 1 Birmingham – I support wanderers and I have closely watched them lately and they have been pretty unlucky. As much as they fight on the last day for a win at home, Birmingham probably have the quality to get a draw in this game.

Burnley 0 – 3 Tottenham – Tottenham are currently on top form and their fans will come up to north with good backing. Burnley know they’re relegated but I think they will still put up a fight however Tottenham have a slight chance of getting third spot in the league if Arsenal doesn’t have the result they expect.

Chelsea 2 – 2 Wigan – This is the key defining game of the season. Chelsea have to win this game to win the title (or Manchester United will have to draw or lose). Wigan however have already beaten Chelsea at home with something to spare. Wigan do not have anything to lose so they should put up a good squad and this will not be a routine match for Chelsea (possibly). If Chelsea do squander the title, it will be a miracle for Manchester United.

Everton 3 – 1 Portsmouth – Everton will find themselves very much unfortunate to miss out on the Europa League spot however Portsmouth will find themselves much more unfortunate with the debt they’re in & being relegated. Everton would pretty much have this in the bag but I’m sure the players in Portsmouth are going to play extra hard to keep their own personal careers alive!

Hull 1 – 3 Liverpool – Hull are already relegated and cannot do anything about it. They were very fortunate last season to even survive in my opinion but this season has to be relegation for them. Liverpool should win this.

Manchester United 2 – 0 Stoke – It’s never over until the fat lady sings when it comes to united. Even though they are totally dependant on their local neighbour Wigan, they will still put that end of season smashing in to even relish the chance of winning. I’m expecting a lot of nail biting in the United crowd!

West Ham 1 – 3 Manchester City – With West Ham surviving the premier league this season, they should be OK with any result. Manchester City having missed out on a champions league spot would at least want to keep 5th place so they will go for a win!

Wolverhampton 0 – 2 Sunderland – With this being the last game of the season and Darren Bent short of 2 premier league goals compared to Wayne Rooney, he will try and beat it by scoring as many goals as he can against Wolverhampton and attempt to get a place in the England squad come the World Cup. It will still be difficult game for Sunderland!

I have spoken about all 10 games which are all going to be played at exactly the same time and no doubt it will be super hectic. I just hope it lives up to the climatic ending we British soap watching people love to see!

So I have also attached the current table and the table outcome.

My Premier League Prediction
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As much as I would LOVE to see this happen (in detail, I would love to see Chelsea winning 2-1, and then Terry conceding a penalty in the 93rd minute)… But I gotta say, it will be amazing if Chelsea don’t thrash Wigan, let alone draw/lose…

I thought I’d rate my predictions. 1 point for the correct outcome, 1 point for correct score from a team, and all 3 points for perfect result!

Arsenal (2) 4 – 0 (1) Fulham -> At least I knew Arsenal would win (1)
Villa (3) 0 – 1 (2) Blackburn -> Quite tough match (0)
Bolton (1) 2 – 1 (1) Birmingham -> I should have a bit more faith in the team I support (1)
Burnley (0) 4 – 2 (3) Tottenham -> This was a shocker! (0)
Chelsea (2) 8 – 0 (2) Wigan -> The sending off made the difference (0)
Everton (3) 1 – 0 (1) Portsmouth -> Last minute goal from Everton did it! (1)
Hull (1) 0 – 0 (3) Liverpool -> Pointless; don’t know where liverpool are going (0)
Man United (2) 4 – 0 (0) Stoke -> I knew Man U would have won (2)
West Ham (1) 1 – 1 (3) Manchester City -> Hammers played well (1)
Wolverhampton (0) 2 – 1 (2) Sunderland -> Wolves did well (0)

So 6 points for me! To be honest, I feel as though I could have done better. Chelsea are champions anyway. Wigan lost all their confidence and Chelsea were on a rampage. Nothing Manchester United could have done today to change the outcome of the premier league!

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