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I know it has been a while since I have written a blog post and I don’t plan start writing many more but I actually started writing this as a tweet but it was turning out to be too long for a tweet and just wouldn’t carry the same meaning.

So here goes nothing…

It pains me to learn that bullying and discrimination happens beyond school and at all ages. Whether it be in your family or friend circles, disagreements and jealousy are the 2 main catalyst I’ve observed to cause this. It can really alter the dynamics to something which you have made many months, maybe years of effort to establish. As a result, it makes you question yourself as to what you might be doing wrong.

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You can’t teach an old TV new tricks

We now live in a world where it is normal to have a “Smart TV”. This is essentially a TV with a built in computer connected to the Internet. These have been with us for approximately 5 to 7 years. However, how smart are our TVs?

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My Perfect Smartwatch

With Apple making the headlines recently for its release of the new Apple Watch, the term “Smartwatch” has now hit the spotlight amongst the majority. However, many people in the tech industry have known about smart watches and its potential to become the next “big thing” in technology. For me, the term “smartwatch” came around back in 2012 when Pebble launched its crowd funded kickstarter campaign and exceeded expectations by 100x the amount they wanted. And last year, Google launched their Android wear operating system for manufacturers to go ahead and make watches.

Obviously, with watches, there are certain physical constraints that have to be reasonably adhered to in order to be a watch and these cause limits to what a device can and can’t do. Unfortunately, I don’t know any manufacturer which has hit the nail on the head with getting what I would call “my perfect smartwatch”.

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Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram? No, I am not referring to the old form of communication telegraphy. Telegram is a new (actually been in development for over a year) cloud based messaging service which pretty much does everything our beloved WhatsApp does but a lot more. It is what I use more than WhatsApp. After having been using it for over a year, I feel confident to actually publicly give a positive opinion on this instant messaging service and most importantly, I can say that it has improved so fast and has caught up to WhatsApp. In fact, we’re now at a point where it looks like WhatsApp is now playing catch up with Telegram.

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The Definition of a Smartphone

Originally our mobile phones were designed to make and receive calls but with mobile phones getting so advanced in functionality we’ve started to call them smart – or the phone companies have made us call them smart. Nonetheless, our typical opinion of a phone which isn’t smart would be a Nokia 3310 but that is our opinion of a traditional mobile phone that makes calls and SMS.