My Perfect Smartwatch


With Apple making the headlines recently for its release of the new Apple Watch, the term “Smartwatch” has now hit the spotlight amongst the majority. However, many people in the tech industry have known about smart watches and its potential to become the next “big thing” in technology. For me, the term “smartwatch” came around back in 2012 when Pebble launched its crowd funded kickstarter campaign and exceeded expectations by 100x the amount they wanted. And last year, Google launched their Android wear operating system for manufacturers to go ahead and make watches.

Obviously, with watches, there are certain physical constraints that have to be reasonably adhered to in order to be a watch and these cause limits to what a device can and can’t do. Unfortunately, I don’t know any manufacturer which has hit the nail on the head with getting what I would call “my perfect smartwatch”. Continue reading “My Perfect Smartwatch”

The Definition of a Smartphone

SmartPhone OnePlus One

Originally our mobile phones were designed to make and receive calls but with mobile phones getting so advanced in functionality we’ve started to call them smart – or the phone companies have made us call them smart. Nonetheless, our typical opinion of a phone which isn’t smart would be a Nokia 3310 but that is our opinion of a traditional mobile phone that makes calls and SMS. Continue reading “The Definition of a Smartphone”

My Twitter Follow Rules

@chevli Twitter

It has been a while since I started using twitter, over 5 years (February 2009) according to twitter – around about the time I purchased my first Smartphone (HTC Dream). Back in the day it wasn’t so popular so I didn’t really think much about who I should and shouldn’t follow. I barely tweeted back then either however I used read twitter during my commutes to and from University. The more popular it became, the more people started to follow me and consequentially I would follow back if I knew them or were particularly interesting. It got to a point where I had so many tweets on my timeline that I needed to do something about it. Unfortunately this meant I couldn’t be on “#TeamFollowBack” anymore. So I started to be rather selective as to who to follow consequentially out of experience of twitter, became rules. Continue reading “My Twitter Follow Rules”

Why I have never purchased an Apple Product in my life

Dell XPS Developers Edition

With Apple seen as the premium product for the professionals, the eye candy for non-professionals and the status for the rich, I would say that I would probably fall into the first category as I am a programmer/developer. However, I have never had the need to purchase an Apple product. Before I get into this, I would just like to point out that this is not a competition between Apple and the world as I do believe they have a place in the market however I do think there are better and cheaper alternatives than the Apple product and the other products will meet the needs of most people out there.

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UK Indian Channel Star Plus Illegal Advertising?

This post is going to be another one of my “rants” but it’s probably one that annoys me quite a lot. When watching a usual half hour long television programme on a channel which is privately owned, the adverts usually follow this structure:

  • programme starts (00 mins)
  • commercial break (12 mins)
  • programme continues (15 mins)
  • programme ends (27 mins)
  • commercial break
  • next programme starts (00 mins)
(XX mins) are the number of minutes into the programme.

Unfortunately, the Indian soap channel, Star Plus, has another advert structure which is quite annoying and this is as follows:

  • programme starts (00 mins)
  • commercial break (05 mins)
  • programme continues (10 mins)
  • commercial break (14 mins)
  • programme continues (19 mins)
  • programme ends (30 mins)
  • next programme starts (00 mins)

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