England ROBbed as grass wasn't GREENer on other side of the net

So the final score between England and USA was 1 –1 and to be fair I’d say it was a game that could have gone either way. England did have most of the chances but failed to capitalise.

There were a few outstanding players in the England squad: Johnson, Terry, Gerrard, Lampard, Lennon and Rooney. A few who did make a difference but could have done better. Some would say Heskey played very well and I agree however it wasn’t good enough. I still stand by my decision of having Rooney up on his own or a better replacement in the squad such as Kevin Davies of Bolton Wanderers who is more agile and fitter than Heskey and can do everything Heskey does but twice as good!

Robert Green did thumble Dempsey shot where he should have undoubtedly saved it. Some are extremely angry, some feel extremely sorry for him; I personally feel that prevented us from winning the game but he also kept us in the game with a fantastic save. Would I say he should play in England’s next match? Probably not. I personally believe Joe Hart is more of an exciting prospect for England and could possibly be our future No.1 keeper for the next 2 maybe 3 World Cups. He looks a lot more calmer than Green in goal as has pulled off some outstanding saves this season.

With Rio out and Leadley King’s dodgy knee starting to show, we are left with little defensive options. Capello’s decision to take Leadley King could possibly be a mistake – we shall see.

So I guess the question is, what do England require to top the group stages. Two wins with a good goal difference should do it and we are more than capable of doing it. But how?

Now with Gareth Barry getting back to full fitness, it gives Capello more option which also gives Lampard and Gerrard a license to roam. Joe Cole needs to be bought back into the squad as he brings creativity. If you look at the formation image shown below, the left side squad is pretty much Chelsea so they will know how each other play and use that to great effect. This formation should see England through to the Last 16.


Unfortunately, Capello seems pretty reluctant to break the 4-4-2 formation therefore, after substitution, Lennon for Crouch, which puts Gerrard to the right that should be a solid formation too. Nevertheless, I think any squad Capello put up should see the next two matches through.

Anyway, I wish England the best of luck!

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