Chilli Curry – Have you got the balls?!

Hey folks,

As soon as I opened my front door coming back from uni today I was greeted with the sudden aroma of chilli curry. Not to be racist but I know you white folk consider “chilli” being some sort of saucy mince meat curry to put on top of your pasta, well that’s what the dinner ladies in my secondary school used to call it but this is the real deal chilli curry. i.e. A curry with actual chilli’s inside as the main focus of the curry.

You might be thinking “OMG this Chevli family is crazy!” Well, to be fair, these chilli’s provide more flavour than spice. Mainly because the chilli’s have been ‘De-seeded’; the seeds provide the spiciness. Nevertheless this is one fantastic dish and I am sure many Indian families make it. I personally had 3 servings of this today and it was absolutely¬†delicious!

Want to know what is inside the dish?

Chilli’s, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Haldi, Tomato, Salt, Rai, Coriander¬†powder, Coriander. I would post up the recipe however things are not made to measure in my house. Everything is done “to taste”.

Much Love!

P.S. The picture might not look like one of the most presentable of dishes but we are not making this for royalty anyway. It smells and taste better than it looks too!

My sisters chilli curry

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